Head of Mission

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Mrs. Suzan Mouzi Yassine is currently the Head of Mission since December 2014 in her capacity as Charge d’Affairs a.i.

Curriculum Vitae

 Bachelors Degree in Political and Administrative Sciences, Diploma and Masters Degrees in International and Diplomatic Affairs, Lebanese University.

Diplomatic Attache’ in Lebanese Foreign Service in 2008, Head of Consular Desk and Foreigners Desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants for several durations in 2010 and 2011, Head of Press and Media Office in 2012.

 Charge d’Affairs a.i at Embassy of Lebanon in Tehran (July 2010), Charge d’Affairs a.i at the Embassy of Lebanon in Poland (September 2011 -January 2012), Secretary in Foreign Service at Embassy of Lebanon in the Hague- The Netherlands, Associate Member in the Permanent Representation of Lebanon to OPCW Organization on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (June 2012- December 2014).

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